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Here are a few stock codes which can be used at checkout..
These are not the only codes available so feel free to contact
about even greater discounts. - D r e a d ☭



- TIMETRAVELING ($20.00 OFF when purchasing 2 or more items.)

- DOUBLEHOMICIDE (20% OFF, any clothing set.)

If you would like to return an item, please use the contact form. Items must be returned in their original condition before a refund is processed. Return expenses are covered by the customer without exceptions, choose your return method wisely.

Clients reserve the right to request non-profit pricing options which greatly reduce the cost of the cart total at checkout. This can be negotiated best via the direct support link at the top of the page. Non profit prices are not guaranteed, but we guarantee to get very close to an equal exchange.
Profits per item will not exceed $5.00!

Frequently Asked Questions -

#1. - Are other color options available besides what is listed?

Yes, most items you can contact us about with your specificiations and you can expect a response in 2-3 days at the latest, sometimes much sooner. Just include the size, custom color idea and a link to the product or the name of the product and we can discuss from there. For an even faster process, use the direct support link to chat with us directly. 

#2. - Why do you only ship to US, Canada and Russia specifically?

It is very easy to ship within the US and to Canada. The Russian Federation is an option as well because they are consistently the 3rd most active listener base to the music on this project. However, shipping to Russia is more expensive and so is shipping to anywhere else internationally (upwards of $25.00). If you live in a country that is not listed and would like to purchase a product, please contact with the product you would like as well as the country you'd like it shipped to and I will have a response for you within 2-3 days, sometimes sooner.

#3. Why are most items so expensive?

We opt for some of the highest quality threads we can obtain and two people personally oversee this entire site. We are responsible for design and maintenance as well as order fullfilment. Our necessary labor time is valuable and so are these products. As communists, we believe in full economic transparency so we will say this- prices are usually set using this formula -
production cost x2 + $5.00 design labor. Some items do not follow this exact formula and are set even cheaper than they ought to be, because we don't count the labor. Some discounts offer near production cost pricing and that means the profits are very slim. If you find an item too expensive, we will do our best to accomodate your economic needs. Most creators will not offer this transparency or honesty, because it is simply not profitable. But here, we are anti-capitalists and that means we are honest. Subsequently we ask that this feature not be abused by those of you with enough capital to contribute toward the upkeep of this site. You're all appreciated.
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